5 Instagram Accounts That Inspire Me

I love Instagram. It is easily one of the most important and easily accessible hubs for photography inspiration. With so many talented creatives, it is an absolute feast scrolling through my feed. The five instagram accounts in this post range from iPhone-only creatives to DSLR users. I believe that creativity is the most important factor where photography is concerned. Of course, you need a camera, but with zero creativity, your photos will evoke close to zero responses, super camera or not.


Here are 5 of my favorite photo-takers on the ‘gram:


Karina Karunwi: is currently a student of Civil engineering, but calls herself a creative at heart and boy is she creative. All her pictures are shot using her iPhone and she makes such beautiful pictures and an even more beautiful grid! She started the colour project on instagram and posts images with a dominant colour for a certain time and grid space. Here are the grid spaces for red, orange and blue.
Her food photography uses the perfect flat lays and her use of colour appears simultaneously effortless and well thought out.


RonkeRaji: is another photographer who uses bright colours and takes excellent food photos. Her colours are bold and eye catching and her pictures (and face) keep you looking!RonkeRaji definitely makes a splash on the ‘gram!


gracey oh-instagram-african-photography-inspiration-goodness

Graceyoh: is a medical student and adventurer living in NYC. She is constantly traveling and her pictures are always from a breathtaking perspective. She uses mostly her iPhone as well but has an obviously keen eye for good photography. Her instagram beautifully chronicles her journey through life and makes me want to journal as beautifully.


Tzarstudios: makes Nigerian food look good! His photos are clean and always with a burst of colour. He owns the Tzar clothing brand and his pieces look like a breath of fresh air. On his instagram, mundane objects are made into stunning photographs; cc the Schweppes can.


wonuola-instagram-african-photography-inspiration-goodness- Thephotographerscorner: run by WonuolaLawal. She is so incredibly passionate about photography and people and their stories and she is currently showcasing what she has termed “The displacement series” and I am in love. She combines pictures she has taken in Lagos with pictures she has taken in other parts of the world and she posts a picture per week.

Instagram is such an inspiring place and if you use it right, your creativity will improve. Check out these ‘grammers and enjoy their journeys!

Afoma is a blogger and photography enthusiast. She blogs at ihundasmusings.com and you can view her photos at throughafomaslens.tumblr.com. She also writes sometimes. Tweet her @Fro_walker.

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