5 Protective Braids Styles you can do yourself + Easy Tutorials

It may just be at this end of the line, but the prices of braiding natural hair these days are ridiculously high. I mean, we all have our budgets and truth is, there is already enough to spend on, counting products alone.

five 5 protective natural hair braid styles with easy video tutorials

Though the thought of it; braiding your hair yourself, starting from that tiny section at the back of your head and working your way forward one twist at a time sounds exhausting, it pays off to learn how to be self sufficient on this journey.

Let’s leave the sugar coating for bakers, this is going to be stressful and time consuming, so ya know…  prep yourself.

We’ve collected about two tutorials(one simpler and takes less time than the other) for each of the five protective braids styles to help walk you through whichever style you choose to do in the easiest way possible.

P.s Don’t forget to deep condition before :)

1. Kinky Twists

natural hair protective braid style kinky twists diy These are tightly twisted or curled braids. They are rope like and two strand based braids, looking like dreadlocks. I think this is the most common, next to box and Marley braids. You would need kinky hair of any brand. E.g Supreme

by Leylarh Cadne

2. Faux Dreads(locs)

faux dreads locs protective hair braids for natural women This is simply wrapping your natural hair or a synthetic extension with synthetic hair to achieve a loc (dreadloc) look. . I found a straight forward tutorial for this. It’s basic and you’ll grab the technique quickly.

Using Afro Kinky hair

by Adanna David

Using Marley hair

by Cassandre Beccai


3. Crotchet braids

easy fast natural hair protective braidstyle crotchet As the name suggests, a crochet needle is used to weave packaged hair into natural hair that has been French braided or braided into corn rowsIt’s pretty simple. Jouelzy achieved hers using just Marley hair and bobby pins! Another great video can be found HERE

by Jouelzy

by Breanna Rutter


4. Havana twists

havana twists natural hair protective braid style for black women Havana hair twists are similar to Marley hair twists, but they have a different look, feel, and cost.

by Breanna Rutter ,Full post HERE


5. Yarn Braids

yarn braids style for natural hair easy tutorial protective style Yarn braids are exactly what they say they are—braids, made out of yarn. Its a little similar to faux locs, depending.

I found this extremely hilarious tutorial by Yagazie Emezi, the video covers the basic steps to getting your yarn ready. The second video is more comprehensive and takes you through the entire process.


by Breanna Rutter

Do you think braiding your hair yourself is a viable option, or you’d rather find your way to a salon?
Share your thoughts :)
 You could also recommend videos or helpful posts, just insert the links in the comments box. xo


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