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Hello, we’re guessing you found yourself on this page because you’re obviously wondering what “Black Fabulousity” is all about. It’s pretty straight forward.

We are people who are drawn to visual crafts; we have a thing for fashion, art and photography. We live in a metropolitan city that habours a large pool of creatives that constantly  leave us in awe of the amazing things they create. We felt the urge to share these amazing crafts with you, and that’s how it all started.

Black Fabulousity is a celebration of the unique, different and downright amazing. We celebrate the creative minds who hone their craft till it manifests in magnificence. We believe in creating an oasis of splendour, a house of wonder, where you can feed your eyes and fill your mind with all the beauty that black births.

Still don’t get it?

Let’s break it down.

/Black/ (adj.) – An attitude; A way of life; A culture; Also an eternally fashionable colour; People who embody the culture and attitude, though not necessarily the colour.

/Fa-bu-lous-i-ty/ (noun) – A state of being incredible, exceptional, unique and fabulous; The essence of wonder, style and elegance.


How do you know you’ll enjoy it?

1. If you love art, and you’ve been on a patrol for Nigerian and African artists who do amazing stuff, you want to know the things in Lagos / Africa that would feed your art craving.

2. You like fashion, but keeping up can be a bit overwhelming. Here, we dish it out at a frequency that is just right.

3. You have an interest in photography, and you’re in search of work that’ll inspire you. Photographers you can connect with, new techniques to explore, different aspects of this underrated art form.

4. You are an art enthusiast, interested in any of the broad spectrum of the creative fields. If you’re tired of seeing generic things. Here, we are committed to diversity and we celebrate those who dare to step out of the conventional moulds.

5. You’re just a really cool person who has an eye for good things and appreciate the beauty of the arts.


Where do you start?


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Black Fabulousity is a home for african creatives, and people with interests in fashion, art and photography. Discover, share and engage.

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