AFWN Brunch And Promises The 2015 Edition Holds

As opposed to the general conception that fashion week is to be graced by prominent designers and well known fashion brands, AFWN (Africa fashion week Nigeria) takes a different approach.

 Its appeal is its focus on emerging talents, giving young designers a chance to grow and a platform through which they can express their creativity.
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On 30th January, the AFWN team met with press and bloggers over brunch to re-introduce the concept and purpose of bringing the Africa Fashion Week to Nigeria. The intention is to use its platform to launch the careers of emerging fashion designers in Nigeria and provide them with start up funds. AFWN also pays homage to the African designers who have continuously and tirelessly worked to ensure the growth of African fashion.

Our reservations on the compulsive and mediocre use of Ankara were quickly dispelled when the founder mentioned that designs would not be centred on wax print, stating that every designer is allowed to channel whatever it is that inspires them into their collection, African or otherwise. She also mentioned that designers who are not of African descent are welcome to showcase, so long as they are influenced by Africa.
This year, AFWN holds in May and will be introducing the “Education in Fashion” segment of fashion week, to enlighten designers on the diverse aspects of the Fashion industry through which they can showcase their work asides the runway and red carpet.

African fashion is dynamic, multifaceted and gaining ground on the global stage. However, there’s a lot to be done in correcting general misconceptions about what African fashion is and what it stands for. With its unique approach and the promise of hosting over 80 designers, we anticipate that platforms like AFWN would create such avenues to change the conversation, by highlighting exactly how diverse African fashion is.

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