Art: Flawless Pieces By Sergio Albiac


I create visual imagery to articulate my thoughts about the beauty, contradictions and emotion of the act of living. My work revolves around the interior worlds we create in our minds and the tensions that arise when confronted to our realities.


The illusion of control in a world much governed by randomness and the elusive nature of emotions are also recurring ideas in my work.

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My usual working process involves writing computer programs that generate images. Once my idea is translated into computer code, I search and select the visual results that better express my point.


Sometimes, these generative images are the final work and sometimes I use the programs as an electronic sketchbook to visualize my concept before I transfer it into a painting .


As I value freedom of expression, I do not feel constrained to a single medium or style and I use either traditional or new media to express my artistic vision.

I am guided by intuition and passion rather than conceptual assumptions. I want to stimulate in the viewer alternative answers to his or her questions or better, totally new doubts.


If you want to know more about how I use my computer programs in the creation of a painting, seemy generative sketching process.


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