Art Infusion- Stacey Ravvero

Good day lovelies. There’s an amazingly talented person I’d like you to meet today …Stacey Ravvero. Pretty, awesome and a whole “bag of talents”.
She’s an artist, sings, dances, draws, paints, designs, acts… the entire package!
I’m putting up a couple of her paintings, they are also up for sale and you can place orders if in Nigeria.


 A few pieces 


In the rain
Medium: pastel on paper
Size: 8 by 12 inches
The work depicts two puppies sharing an umbrella in the rain. They are homeless, and are hopeful for a family to adopt them, in the mean time all they have is each other, and they stick together through the storm.


Fulani girl
Medium; Watercolour
Size; 11 by 15 inches
This an experiment with watercolour on paper, with vibrant colours. The technique used here is the wet on wet and wet on dry technique. The fulani people are uniquely beautiful with an elaborate culture, from the northern part of Nigeria. Her attire is commonly found in this tribe and is embellished with multicolored thread on fabric. The mood of this lady is pensive and gaurded.


Medium: mixed media
Size: 11 by 15 inches
This is a unique combination of watercolour, sticks and thread to depict the makoko area in the heart of Lagos. Makoko is famous as a hub for the production of wood, and attracts photographers and painters to the scenic and raw view of the houses on water and lifestyle. The painting documents what Makoko was in its glory, now demolished by the Lagos state government.

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Oge 1
Medium: mixed media
Size; 12 by 16 inches
This mixed media piece is the combination of paper cut outs, fabric, watercolour, and pastel. Oge is a yoruba word, which means ‘shakara’ or show off, that is, in this context. The piece represents two African women showcasing their clothes. The fabric used here are typical African fabric.


Oge 2
Medium; mixed media
Size; 12 by 16 inches.
Just as Oge (1) it’s a combination of interesting materials. The collage technique is employed here.


Sound of music
Medium; mixed media
Size; 12 by 16 inches
This is an experimental piece that infuses a three dimensional effect with the introduction of the earphones. The work is produced using pastel, watercolour and earphones. A small text is written in this piece, which says, ‘music gets me’. Every one, regardless of age and gender, connects in a unique way to music. The lyrics in a song often reaches out to the listener and expresses how they feel, or what state of mind they are in. when moody, most people turn to music, this helps them in different ways. As an artist, music inspires me, and this piece was born out of this love for music. The painting illustrates the source of music (the walkman) and earphones.


Medium; Watercolour
Size; 11 by 15 inches
This painting is a portrait of a Nigerian alternative soul crooner, Bez Ikakula, a personal favourite performer and artiste of mine. He is a talented lyricist, guitarist and singer. The work shows a vibrant use of colour, and technique. The subject is shown carrying a guitar on his shoulder.


Birth control
Medium; Watercolour
Size; 8 by 12 inches
The infusion of both wet on wet and wet on dry technique is used in this timeless piece. It represents a baby on the face of a condom. It simply passes a message to the public about the importance of birth control, in order to prevent infant mortality. A short text is written on the condom that says, ‘will you kill me?’


Flower vases
Medium; mixed media
Size; 12 by 16 inches
This piece combines various art techniques like the wet on dry watercolour techniques, and collage. It’s the combination of watercolour, pastel, fabric and sticks. It is a still life composition of three flower vases with intricate designs on their bodies.


African prints/motifs
Medium; Pastel
Size; 11 by 16 inches
This piece combines different African patterns, safari and African motifs. It is interestingly brought together in a creative way using warm earth colours that appeal to our senses. Some of these patterns are found on African fabric.

IMG_9573 crop

Village gossip
Medium; watercolour
Size; 12 by 16inches
This painting illustrates the behaviour of typical village women, who wake up to fetch water and commune by the riverside to catch up on the latest gist. By the gesture and facial expression on the women’s faces, one can infer that they show surprise and anguish over the subject of their discussion.


Medium; Mixed media
Size; 22 by 30 inches
Eurhythmics as illustrated in the painting, is the interpretation in harmonious and fluid body movements of the rhythm of musical compositions. It shows ballerinas dancing in a fluid movement. The use of pastel and watercolour is utilized in this piece. The colors are cool and whimsical, which embellish its overall theme and mood.


Medium; Watercolour
Size; 12 by 16 inches
This painting simply illustrates the zodiac sign Gemini. It represents the twins of the zodiac, two faces are portrayed in this piece, one in red and the other in blue, which represents, fire and ice. It expresses the duaityin the nature of the Gemini.


Medium; Watercolour
Size; 12 by 16 inches
This painting illustrates four people playing different musical instruments. This infuses both the African and Western musical instruments. Which include the guitar, which is western and the konga drum, which is African. It is an abstract piece which infuses both the African and western culture, through the use of instruments and musical symbols, like the G clef and African motifs.


Medium; Watercolor
Size; 4 by 6 inches
This is an experimental piece, that utilises the wet on dry and wet on wet painting technique. It is very vibrant as seen with the colour and brush strokes. The subject has a bewildered look on her face, as she has just heard some unbelievable news and has a hard time processing it. She is caught off guard and captured in swift brush strokes.


The beauty behind the canvas
Ms StaeC10
Artist Profile:

Ms Stacey Ejiroghene Okparavero hails from Ethiope east local Government, Delta State. She is the first child of Mr n Mrs G K Okparavero. As a child, she grew up loving art and developed keen interest in colors and drawings; she always topped her arts class. She graduated from the University of Lagos, and studied visual arts [painting major] Stacey is a versatile artist, well rounded in visual art, music and acting. She has a very feminine and impressionistic approach to her paintings, and is fond of watercolour and pastel. Her love for nature and beauty is evident in her works. She won the best pastel artist award in May 2011, during an art entrepreneurship workshop sponsored by OYASAF. She has participated in various exhibitions and art events. She believes that art is in everything that we do, and that a masterpiece lies in the little things that we miss. Art indeed is life and vice-versa.

Quick Info: Art exhibition by the University of Lagos art school presents “visual concert’ and exhibition of paintings, sculpture, mixed media,etc. Featuring Stacey Okparavero.
Twitter: @staeC
Date: 8th – 15th December 2012
Time: 4pm on opening day
Venue: Lagos Oriental Hotel. 3, Lekki Road, V.I, Lagos.


Artist Contact:

Email: [email protected]

Website: N/A

Photo Credits: BlackFabulousity