Beauty Notes: 6 Extremely Weird Beauty Gadgets You Should Use At least Once

Whoever said being normal is boring; this one is dedicated to you. Have you ever seen those models on the ramp and wondered who is ever going to buy those supposedly high end fashion apparel, since the word you pick up to describe them is ‘rags’! Well, let me tell you, Fashion is all about attitude and beauty is all about confidence. So if you think you have it to pull of almost anything and yet end up looking dead gorgeous, here is a list of six extremely weird beauty gadgets that we think you should try atleast once:

1.  The Make-up Mirror attachment

 Yes!! This one tops the list, since it is only for the obsessed! If a constant touch-up after every 15 minutes is your thing, well this is a complete bang on. This is your regular touch up small mirror only that it comes with an attachment. Thus, it not only ideally fits into the back side of your phone and enables you to apply that make-up handsfree, but can also multi-function as a stand for that phone while taking self photographs or for viewing a video.



2. Anti-Wrinkle Glasses

 Okay, this one is sure to blow up your mind. If wrinkle was your cause of concern and none of those creams are working good enough, well may be youshould buy a pair of these anti-wrinkle glasses, which apparently keeps your eye area in a stretched position, and therefore would not only reduce those wrinkles and fine lines but would also keep them from appearing in the first place. Needless to say they would change your appearance and who knows you might end up looking 3 years younger. Oh and by the way, these are not meant to be used like your regular glasses, keep them on for a maximum of 5 minutes.

3. Beau Bust Roller

 Now this one is really helpful for people who have been hiding behind the padded bra’s and sulking silently over their breast sizes and cannot obviously afford a breast enlargement surgery. This one is one of the weirdest beauty gadgets of recent times, and all credits goes to Japan. The Beau Bust Roller is nothing but an electronic stimulation generating device which is to be used by rolling them over your breasts. The roller comes with a gel which is first to be massaged over the breast area and then be subjected to the stimulation, which consequently would enlarge those breast sizes. Yikes!


4. Body Hair Thinner

Now this beauty gadget is essentially a ladies tooth razor for the men, who are not to keen on waxing but does not want to appear as a grizzly bear during that make out session. For the ladies out there, you could use it too specifically for those under arm areas where the hair growth is generally a tad higher than your normal body parts and waxing every 3 days is not an option. Now go ahead and flaunt that backless look.

5. The Face Slimmer

Well, if you had complaints about that shape of your face, may be its round or that chubby cheeks is not working out well in your favour, this is your pick. But let us warn you it comes in a really errrmmm weird shape, and all that you need to do is put this ‘thing’ into your mouth to keep them wide open forcefully and recite the vowels out loud. This has to be done twice a day for 3 minutes or more and preferably during bath. We think, that is to avoid getting comical looks.


6. The Neck Stretcher

And this features on the list because of sheer weirdness awesomeness. Apparently there are people on this earth who are not happy with their sizes, and we mean neck sizes. So this one is more of a neck collar with stretching functions and a pump attached. You need to pump in a little air into the device to create a pressure on that collar causing the back of the neck to stretch and give you a wonderful feeling. Ughh!!

Well, there you go. Go crazy and weird and let us know if you found these helpful.


The above article is composed by CJ, a beautician by profession associated with who loves to share her beauty and health tips via her articles.


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