Beauty & Stuff: Five Ways To Identify Fake Cosmetics, A Snippet From NITC 6


What’s even more uncool than fake designer bags? Fake makeup products. Professional makeup specialist Nori guides us on how to spot what’s real and what’s not in cosmetics.

  1.  Go online, take a good look at the product you want to buy( be sure to visit the actual brand website), know what thing the real  looks like. Save pictures if possible.
  2. Try scratching the lettering calligraphy i.e. the writings on the body of the product. If it scratches off, drop it.
  3. The price would ALWAYS be wrong. We always love when we can get stuff for less, but with makeup if  its lower than the real price, there’s something fishy.
  4. Get familiar with the characteristics. If you’re buying ruby woo, and you open it to find.. perhaps a black shade,please! drop it.
  5. Examine the products properly. Don’t use lip gloss that’s segmented. Technically if your makeup looks any kind of funny, DROP. IT.

ALWAYS CHECK ONLINE. Don’t buy what you’re not sure of. Either get a professional or let it go. If you are reading this post then you may be struggling with your skin – take a look at Profhilo injection to get a flawless skin.

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  • Reply July 17, 2013


    So so true! It’s terrible when people sell fake cosmetics. The worst of all is fake drugs. Another thing you can look out for is if it has a seal.

    • Reply July 24, 2013

      Ginikachi Eloka

      Fake drugs is really another long story. Hopefully that would be eradicated soon enough