Beauty Supply: R&R Luxury

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I’ve always has a thing for good packaging/ branding which is one thing R&R Luxury does a nice job at. The other thing is: making lovely products that I would definitely buy next time.

RandR Luxury’s set came well packaged among some gift bag items I received at last year’s Style Me Africa Bloggers Party. The set had one Shea oil, one soy wax candle and a soap bar.

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The bar soap is made of honey & oatmeal and has a rough feel to it, the kind that gives off the illusion feeling that it’s going to be very effective. One thing I didn’t like so much was the absence of good fragrance. The smell was practically bland. I think that beauty products should smell great or nice at the very least, but I guess since its natural I can let that part slide. Plus, we all use raw Shea butter like that anyway, so hey.


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Before R&R luxury, I doubt I had ever heard of Shea Oil. I mean, I’m kinky haired, so I practically know the names of the ‘eccentric’ oils from Rosemary, Argan to Pomegranate seed oil, so hearing Shea oil for the first time was very unlike me. Well basically, it’s liquid Shea butter as you may have guessed, and it turned out to be actually really good. It smells nice, one. And two it’s great for hair. While using it on my kinky hair, I noticed it helped me retain a little bit more water. The oil is light and sort of just sits right in all kinds of way on the hair. For skin, I used it on just my face (because good products deserve to be mized) and the result was an added glow with my face feeling soft, silky and expensive. Mind you, I used it just at night (don’t trust oils on your skin under this hot Lagos sun).


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The soy wax candle had me a bit confused at first because I assumed it was a scented candle, but then the “soy wax” part just got me curious. Plus it came in my beauty supply package and I didn’t quiet see the correlation. I googled it and it turns out that they actually aren’t regular scent candles. They’re natural, made from vegetable oil (soybeans) and are scented with essentials oils instead of chemical fragrances which makes them burn 50% longer than regular candles. They burn evenly, leaving almost no excess wax on the sides of the jar. Even better, they are non-toxic since they are made of vegetable oil and have a lower melting point. It fills the room with a lovely smell, and the wax is sort of oily and feels like it could be used on the skin (I didn’t try it though).

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The best part is that all R&R products are made using 100% natural ingredients, ethically sourced and finished by hand with love from Africa. If you’re based in Lagos, you’ll find them at their flagship store – 1 Niyi Okunubi St. off Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1 or at other stockists listed here.

‘Beauty Supply’ is kind of a review column, but I solemnly swear to be very real and frank donga. None of this is sponsored except otherwise stated. In every case, I’ll tell it as it is.

Btw, whats your take on beauty products? Are you a junkie or not interested? Are there any products you would recommend? Please please, let me know your thoughts below :)