Bringing African Designs To Our Wardrobes, Here Comes Kisua


Stepping straight into your wardrobe as they leave the runway and machine beds, the pieces from both established and emerging designers would be exhibited to a global audience on a platform that would showcase the talent that has always been present in Africa.

Kisua sets  to bridge the gap between African designers and consumers  by focusing  on creating globally marketable and well-priced garments while going to great lengths to retain authenticity in their collections.

Placing an emphasis on ethnic heritage, ethical production methods and celebrating diversity, more specialized traditional African methods such as beading, dyeing, weaving and hand-printing would be later incorporated.


With Samuel Mensah and his partner Danica Lepen heading the project,  the brand worked with ten designers across Africa, including South Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo, to create ready-to-wear collections by taking a deeper look into what each of their design features and aesthetics are, to see what elements could be taken from that in order to create something new under the KISUA brand

Standing strong behind Kisua are influential figures in the fashion industry, including Ghanaian-English menswear designer Ozwald Boateng and founder of Lagos Fashion and Design Week, Omoyemi Akerele. In addition, the brand will set up the KISUA African Designer Fund, which will support and nurture emerging design talent to come out of the continent.


Scheduled to launch on the 3rd of October , the site presents a great opportunity for African designers to showcase their wares and serves as the perfect showroom for consumers to purchase pieces at truly affordable prices said to range from $60 for a top, $90 to $120 for a dress and around $300 for a coat.

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Follow up, Visit Kisua on TUMBLR 

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