Campaign: Andrea Iyamah Presents An Alluring Transition To Fall / Winter

AI 20


“Dusk”, A collection of feathers, leather,sheer , mesh and sequin detail…


I am there. As i was in the beginning, 

Not too close but never too far away

As you make your entrance into the Grandeus 

By now, your familiar arena

you float along, so royally and so graceful

Hand waving to the cries of affection

that litted the midnight sky

hia! Go ahead, take it all in

let yourself smugger , i know i will be..

AI 7

AI 2013


AI 8

AI 5

AI 3

…You pretty rose wrapped in your red so plush 

thriving on the stairs of a thousand suns 

but even pretty roses wilt in the end 

and soon enough you’ll lose your flush..

AI 2

AI 4


AI 6

AI 13

AI 9

Andrea Iyamah F/W 2013 film 



Written and directed by William Turner


Designer: Andrea Iyamah