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Good style is an amazing thing. This is my second feature for “Captured Style”‘ and i don’t see myself ever stopping. There are hundreds of people whose style just knock me off my feet, and really its a pleasure to share!


Today i’m featuring this pretty, stylish Nigerian Gloria. A  style blogger and student studying Marketing with Media Communications at the University of Buckingham.

Her style is comfortable, classy and chic.
Name: Gloria Imevbore
Age: 21
You have a style blog right? What made you decide to start it?
Starting a blog wasn’t planned at all, I just liked taking photos of myself especially my outfits and i’d post on facebook and get really nice comments. Then one time I posted on tumblr and got a lot of notes and I was like heyyy this posting thing isn’t bad! Lol. So I just continued posting photos on my tumblr and when I discovered I had a lot of photos to share I went on to make a blog powered by blogger.
Who are some of your style role models? 
I love love love Kim Kardashian! I like how she sticks to what she’s comfortable in and doesn’t go overboard or over do anything. She just always looks so great all the time. And Rihanna of course, It’s hard to see someone who is very experimental with their clothes and hair AND still work it. I admire her a lot, she’s fearless when it comes to style. She’s ready to try anything and it is strange how it is never a fail.
Any brands you love presently? 
If shopping were a sport, I’d have so many gold medals.. I shop anywhere and everywhere. I don’t really stick to a brand.
What’s your wardrobe inspiration?
As far as I’m comfortable in what I’m wearing (and like) I’m good to go. No matter how nice anything looks on me, if I’m not comfortable in it, I don’t wear it. I like to feel good with and in what i’m wearing because it really affects my confidence.
What’s that one piece you’ve been dreaming of adding to your closet?
So many things I have been dreaming to be added to my closet.. Lol. I’m an Aries so I want to have many things. But a really nice dress coat has not left my mind since last year.
If you had to describe a signature look in a few words, what would you say?
I’m simple. I go for anything that is sexy, cute, pretty, whatever it is but it must be simple and very chic. I don’t like to look ordinary at all, I love to stand out.
Keep up with Gloria’s style. Find her:

Images: SetInStone

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