Creative Conversations

In our Guide to the blog in 2015 we mentioned a few projects we had in store for you as the year progressed, remember? Well, we’re soooo excited to announce the first one! After months of team work, we’re finally unveiling our very first project…CREATIVE CONVERSATIONS. Ta Da!


What Is It About?

Creative Conversations are a series of dialogues between the Black Fabulousity team and persons who have exhibited exceptional use of their talents in creative aspects, people who would really inspire and motivate others. Here, they’ll discuss their creative process, what influences their work, and how they work towards their dreams.

Creative Conversations seeks to uncover how individuals who identify as ‘Creatives’ find inspiration from their normal lives, by delving beyond generic questions to find out more about them and learn other things they indulge in that make up their personalities. CC is an interesting and fun dialogue with these African creatives; expect to find out things like what they do when they wake up in the morning, the kind of books they read… asides the more serious questions like “What message do you seek to convey with your work?

The point is also to see them in the light of regular people, in the sense that: though their work is exemplary, they are just like you and I, except they strive to do something different. We want to inspire you by sharing the stories of how these people got to where they are, to show that success isn’t a day’s journey.

What sets Creative Conversations apart from other interviews, is we really delve into the influences behind the work. We also break down the creative process of these individuals in a bid to inspire other like-minded people. CC is structured like a chat between friends and we hope you’ll enjoy getting to know the fabulous creatives we have lined up as much as we have.