Currently Loving: Peter Jensen ‘Baked’ Illustrations And Lip Prints

PeterJensen _001_1366.450x675 h

Want to turn the streets into your runway? and drag  eyes with every step? You’re right on track. Peter Jensen’s arty illustration pieces would suit even  the ultimate drama queen.

Inspired by an array of retro albums, concerts and costumes, Peter Jensen’s lipped print wears and futuristic pieces are made of collages- which when printed in black is an artful duplication of Diana’s (Jensen’s muse btw) Visage – done by artist Julie Verhoeven.

The 44-year-old designer declared he was  ‘growing up‘, and decided to go for something ‘a bit sexy’ with this collection.

Immerse yourself…


PeterJensen _016_1366.450x675

PeterJensen _007_1366.450x675

PeterJensen _001_1366.450x675

PeterJensen _008_1366.450x675

PeterJensen _018_1366.450x675

PeterJensen _013_1366.450x675

PeterJensen _015_1366.450x675


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