Editorials: Aluad Deng Anei For Marie Claire South Africa,Jennifer B covers LIVID Magazine + Cora Emmanuel For Elle France



Aluad Deng Anei for marie claire south africa april 2013. Marie_Claire_South_Africa_April_2013 (dragged) 2

model: Aluad deng anei 
photographer: Kope | figgins
stylist: Bee diamondhead
hair and make-up: Carl isaacs
Jennifer B covers LIVID Magazine issue #5
“ Sissorhands” editorial, LIVID Magazine issue # 5.
Model: Jennifer B 
Photography: Ellin Andereg 
Cora Emmanuel for elle France 2013
model: Cora emmanuel 

photographer: Simon burstall 
stylists: Elisabeth akessoul and marie lichtenberg
hair: Olivier lebrun 
make-up: Lili choi 
manicure: Hiro 
Kelly Gale by Jimmy Backius for Elle Sweden May 2013
Model: Kelly Gale 
photography: Jimmy Backius 
stylist: Jenny Fredriksson.
Hair:Linda Shalabi
make-up: Linda Ohrstrom.
Cora Emmanuel covers the April 2013 issue of Elle France
Cora Emmanuel covers the April 2013 issue of Elle France wearing Christian Louboutin shoes, a sequin top and a-line skirt by Atto.
Model: Cora Emmanuel
Photography: Simon Burstall

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