Edun Schools in Contrasts for F/W 15

Ethical fashion brand, Edun’s new collection for Fall 2015 is a study of contrasts. There is a direct shift from a polished finish to controlled resistance to refinement evident in the unfinished coat and dress hemlines in this fourth collection offered by new creative director Danielle Sherman, who has consistently pushed strong monochrome looks and geometric leanings. This contrasts greatly with the sleek finish of the clothes, cut to fit the body like second skin.

The entire collection is an update on monochrome that is all at once aggressive and understated.


It offers a palette of dark neutrals, white, mismatched dog tooth and the occasional splash of red. The contrasts don’t end with the palette and the finish, it also spills over into the choice of fabric. A collection of separates done in lightweight, shiny faux leather; centre pieces that stand on skirts and pants and blouses made of striped linen, wool and cashmere.

There is a divesting of fit for its own sake. The easy wear trend that has popped up on runways over the last year is clearly evident in the boyfriend jean cut of the trousers, the mid-calf culottes and the louche oversized sweaters. But just when we start to get complacent, Sherman completely turns the collection up on its head with beautiful laser cut monochrome dresses and a patchwork coat/dress combination that defies comprehension but remains miraculously aesthetically pleasing. These are my favourite looks from the Edun collection


1. Danielle Sherman wins me over utterly with this beautiful contrast jacket. The halves of the jacket shouldn’t work, one perfectly hemmed and solid and the other a lattice motif with a fringe hem that belongs more on a gypsy skirt than an understated jacket. But Sherman’s deft tailoring and accessorizing keeps things aesthetically pleasing. I want it so bad.

2. The jackets are the triumph of this collection and this teal jacket continues Sherman’s streak of hits with eclectic outerwear. Comprised of leather panels, the oversized jacket feels almost industrial in how its overlaid panels allude to brickwork. Slim arms and oversized lapels keep it feminine.



3. This leather and suede shift I’d pair with the leather jacket. It feels high powered without coming off as overwhelming which is a feat considering the contrast of textures on the dress that suggest deconstruction instead of a streamlined silhouette.

4. This turtleneck dress is the epitome of bohemian chic easy wear. The tapered culottes add a bit of high street urgency to a dress that screams ‘snowed in day’. The patterned bodysuit adds a nice touch.

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