This Elle SA Street Style Editorial Shows Us How To Wear African

Summer is truly not made for sitting around, and as an oft-quoted line says, “Life is too short to wear boring clothes.” The exact words seem to serve as a contact point for this Elle South Africa street style editorial, with Sharleen Dziire walking us through from stalls, to markets and streets in designs by African designers; Ituen Basi, Deola Sagoe, Gavin Rajah and Taibo Bacar.

The spread exudes the playful fashionable spirit of Africa while showcasing  “Jo’burg life” as Dziire plays with children and shops around Soweto market.

To get your fashion on the go, Elle pictorially says:

1. Wear prints, a lot of it. This doesn’t mean “be predictable”, so veer off the much treaded Ankara path and try something different. Maybe a pair of pants in Newspaper print by Ituen Basi, or the vibrant top by Taibo Bacar. Either way, you’ll catch someone by surprise.




2. Get on that turban-wearing bandwagon.




3. Accessorize, but don’t go for the obvious. Get yourself a print umbrella, just because. Or maybe for when the sun gets too hot and you need to look stylish while taking that walk. Better still, get a backpack in vibrant print.


elle south africa-Sharleen Dziire


4. It’s time to DIY. By adding a touch of African to one of your basics, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to reinvent the pieces in your wardrobe.



5. Lay-back on the footwear. Give your heels a chance to rest, throw on a pair of sporty flats or even “boyish” shoes. If you’re thinking ‘Brogues’, ‘Nikes’ or ‘Converses’ , you’re on the right track.
elle south africa-Sharleen Dziire n

Model: Sharleen Dziire 
Photographer: Ross Garrett 
Stylist: Poppy Evans 
Make up: Lesly Ehitby 
Hair: Kevin Epstein
Source: MySpice

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