Eye Spy: The Coolest Sunglasses Yet, Coco and Breezy Brand

  the coolest sunglasses yetb

The fashion world beckoned on Coco and Breezy way back in 2009, as people endlessly asked where they could purchase their custom eye wear…  At 18, this was the beginning of their style success story.


Corianna and Brianna, also known as Coco and Breezy, are the founders of a cutting edge sunglass brand based in New York City that aims to reach new fashion heights and introduce fashion connoisseurs all over the world to their unique sense of style and original accessories.

     coco and breezy street style

 The twins’ bold style and original taste in fashion was initially misunderstood in their community, leading them to develop unique signature studded eyewear as both shields from onlookers and statement pieces, and the pair have been projecting cool and confidence ever since.


Starting of as teens, the twins juggled school commitments, working three jobs whilst still managing to find the time to create artistic projects for themselves, including their highly sought after sunglasses.


Over the years, they have been supported by a celebrity clientele, being seen on style icons such as Rihanna, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Kelly Osbourne, Ciara, Selita Ebanks, Theophilus London, Serena Williams and more.

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To Coco and Breezy,   Your eyewear is your outfit and your clothing is your accessory.


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