TAP Designs ,Speaking On The Experience At Miami Fashion Week 2013


TAP designs is a ready to wear fashion brand that reaches out to the fashion forward female. Recently, the brand showcased at the 2013 Miami Fashion Week which held at  the Miami Beach Convention Center alongside other African designers Wumi Oh, Aso Damisi,Finicky Couture, Crowns Natures,Mike Sylla, Youssou N’Dour and Salif Keita, and one of the ladies behind the brand shared what it felt like to be there.



How did you get in for the Miami fashion week 2013 ?

We won a fashion competition hosted by W-Art and design, in which the prize was to get the opportunity to showcase at the Miami fashion week. 

How long were you at Miami?

From 15th to 23rd after the African segment of the show on the 21st



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Do you have any brief experience to share as regards to your stay there?

The Miami fashion week was a good experience for the brand. It served as a good networking platform for us. To meet designers, models and photographers. We met people who are adding positively to the fashion industry worldwide. 

Tell us, how did you feel when you were called on to showcase next?
Felt so happy,nervous, excited ……that was our first big show. The show was very organised down to the models and their co ordination. Of course there was a but of “where are this shoes ?” “Where is this?” But everything worked out for the best . 


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What was the crowd reaction to your pieces like?
The crowds reaction was amazing. They loved the prints, after the show we were approached with so many compliments and people who would love to work with our brand . It was very overwhelming. 

So far, how has your showcase at MFW 2013 aided the growth of TAP?
The Miami fashion week has made us realize that we have to strive harder cause really nothing is impossible. When we started no one knew we would be at the fashion week. But God has been so good to us. 
The plan is for us to start an online store, which would be available to a wide range of people both outside Nigeria and in Nigeria. We want to make our clothes as affordable as possible.


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Any other  international shows scheduled for this year?
No fashion shows for now. Just working on building the brand.

Where next from here?
Well what’s next is we keep working harder and hoping unto God for better things to come. And also for people to support us by buying our clothes.




Contact, visit and follow the amazing TAP designs
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Website: www.tapdesignsworld.com.

Twitter: @TAPdesigns.

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