Featured Post: Actually Committing To Working Out By Kimberly Luxe

With a non-stop scheduled and a desire to catch some z’s when the opportunity presents itself, working out is often a thing that unfortunately gets swept under the rug. It’s not that I can’t fit it into my schedule, it’s just that I have a hard time getting out of bed after a mid-day nap. But, as everyone else has, each and every year, I have vowed to really work it out this year and I can proudly say that I have worked out at least 4-6 days each week! Here are four ways that I have been able to actually commit to working out successfully!


+ PERMANENT GYM BAG IN TRUNK This has been the key reason why I’m already almost summer time fine.. in February. I keep a permanent gym bag in my truck that has about 4 pairs of bottoms, 4 tops, socks, sneakers, a bottle of water, and 5 small towels. After a long day, I don’t allow myself to go back to my place without first stopping at the gym. So I change at work or at the gym, head there, and do my workout routine. This makes life so much easier, because when I get home, I shower, cook, and get in my bed. The rest of the night is reserved for rest, watching movies, reading, catching up on emails, and working on my blog.

+ DON’T LET THE WORKOUT GO IN VAIN I now only eat “heavy” at lunch. Think about it, if you eat heavy, at dinner, then go to bed, you’re not able to work off or burn off those calories. So I only allow myself to eat one heavy meal per day, but I stay up long enough to let it burn.

+ 100 SOMETHINGS BEFORE BED If I don’t go to the gym, I commit to doing 100 somethings each night before bed. My routine usually consists of 25 Sit Ups, 25 Push Ups, 25 Squats, & 25 more of the one of my choice. I do this while watching a movie or my favorite show and I’m sure to take my time and go at a pace that’s comfortable for me.

+ GROUP FITNESS Group fitness is not only fun but it’s also encouraging. I always try to make it to at least one class per week and I keep a copy of the class schedule in my car and in my purse so I can easily whip it out whenever.


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