Feeling The Bloom | Nadine Ijewere

In more recent times, we find that our instagram feeds, recent likes and idea boards tend to be populated with a particular style of photograph. Our ideas flow in a particular direction, our taste buds have been fine-tuned to a particular flavour. These things do not just happen, there has to be a genesis, an origin point. Where did this journey begin? One of such artists immediately jumps out of the shadows of our memories.

Nadine-Ijewere-Photography-flower-misinterpretation-project-about-profile-story-who-is-portrait-portraiture-floral-women-female-art-muslim- (7)

(The image above -right- is a fave, the striking features of the subject combined with the color tones of the patterns is reminiscent of the royal profiles of ancient Egyptian murals.)

Meet Nadine Ijewere, the London-based fashion and portrait photographer who has kept us transfixed with her colorful, dreamy environments created by her personal interpretations of the conventional use of flowers, and many other natural elements, and how they relate to the perception of beauty and other cultural influences.

Nadine-Ijewere-Photography-flower-misinterpretation-project-about-profile-story-who-is-portrait-portraiture-floral-women-female-art-muslim- (8)

At a first glance, one might just conclude that she took the theme of the coachella flower headband and amplified it for her ongoing series of portraits: Flowers. While this could be could be possible, we don’t like to jump the gun. Frankly, it’s a little more than that. Her clever method of infusing deep focus with what is clearly an unending supply of earthy patterns to mix gives her imagery a huge amount of texture and detail.

Nadine-Ijewere-Photography-flower-misinterpretation-project-about-profile-story-who-is-portrait-portraiture-floral-women-female (10)

Nadine-Ijewere-Photography-flower-misinterpretation-project-about-profile-story-who-is-portrait-portraiture-floral-women-female (11)

Nadine’s most powerful body of work yet, The Misrepresentation of Representation challenged notions within the space of the ideals of the appearance of women in specific societies, and by extension, the world. Find more images from this project here


In more thematically laid back work (pictured above), Nadine collaborated with Lazy Oaf for their spring ’14 collection in the photo story: Man Down

Nadine-Ijewere-Photography-flower-misinterpretation-project-about-profile-story-who-is-portrait-portraiture-floral-women-female-art-muslim- (6)

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Nadine-Ijewere-Photography-flower-misinterpretation-project-about-profile-story-who-is-portrait-portraiture-floral-women-female (6)

Nadine-Ijewere-Photography-flower-misinterpretation-project-about-profile-story-who-is-portrait-portraiture-floral-women-female (3)

Nadine-Ijewere-Photography-flower-misinterpretation-project-about-profile-story-who-is-portrait-portraiture-floral-women-female (2)

Nadine-Ijewere-Photography-flower-misinterpretation-project-about-profile-story-who-is-portrait-portraiture-floral-women-female (1)

‘India’ from The Misrepresentation of Representation


Nadine-Ijewere-Photography-flower-misinterpretation-project-about-profile-story-who-is-portrait-portraiture-floral-women-female (1)

Nadine-Ijewere-Photography-flower-misinterpretation-project-about-profile-story-who-is-portrait-portraiture-floral-women-female (5)

Asides her work, there really isn’t much else we know about Nadine. We guess that for now all she wants is for her art to speak for her, and we’re perfectly fine with that.


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