First, Let’s Talk About S E L F I

Mercedes Benz fashion week Joburg is gone with the wind, and the buzz is temporarily centered on SA fashion week. But before we jump the broom, let’s share the collection that has adamantly refused to steer clear of our thoughts or line of vision. Meaning that, we’ve constantly been thinking about it and Instagram has managed to ensure that it never leaves our timeline. Not that we’re complaining…like, why would we even?

Watching fashion week via social media is much like sitting back row. That is, you hardly get the feeling that comes with being able to breathe in the fabrics that glide past you, or reach out to graze them, if you dare. For all we know, pictures may be able to prevent a moment from running away, but it hardly ever does justice to the clothes that parade the runway. But in the end, we have to make do.

Selfi Awake, the Autumn/Winter ’15 collection by Cape Town based brand, S E L F I, is composed of digitally printed pieces, partly inspired by Kazimir Malevich, a Russian painter and pioneer of geometric abstract art.

Pop art, color and grid prints championed the runway, transitioning from black to white and followed by blue hues. Buttoned shirts, full skirts, and shift dresses came bearing a melange of multidimensional prints, energy waves, digital hands and cells over grids.

celeste_selfi_south_african_fashion_brand_mbfw_mercedes_benz_week_2015_collection_digitally_printed_grid_prints_inspiration (12)

Having in mind that each piece should reflect a nostalgic, dreamlike connection between the wearer and item,
Celeste Lee Arendse manipulates pattern to create accentuated, three dimensional shapes on her attire… ultimately creating form and shape from an essence which is formless and shapeless.








Now, these fit perfectly into our ideal wardrobes. A splash of art, comfortable yet stylish, and the element some would refer to as “quirky“. But these are the things that get us excited about a collection.






Love thy Selfi, they said, and we most certainly do. Don’t you?

S E L F I: Site | Instagram


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