For Curly Girls: Grow Longer Healthier Hair, The 3 Length Retention Challenge



We are constantly seeking tips and advice on ways to achieve our desired hair length and look. We spend on hair products, some we dump later on due to our various reasons. We get frustrated because our hair doesn’t turn out the way we expect. We do twist outs and the result is far off from the “How to get the perfect twist out” post cupped from one of our favorite blogs. We disguise it for months with braids and weaves and wigs.  Sometimes, we give up and go get that kink relaxed.


The 3 Length Retention challenge is a challenge for black women to grow longer, healthier hair by undergoing a lifestyle change. It will take place over a period of 3 months from August to October for African and African American women who wear their hair in its natural state i.e. without a perm.



The main rule of our challenge is for African and African American women to wear their hair in styles that require little to low manipulation over the course of 3 months. But instead of stopping at just that, we will also emphasize adopting a healthier lifestyle. Eating healthy, and exercising will be requirements for the challenge as  well. Our aim with this aspect is to show how internal health affects our outer appearance also; in essence eating healthy, drinking enough water, and exercising should help improve overall hair health which in turn supports length retention.


As part of the challenge, hair, health and fitness tips would be sent out in biweekly newsletters to all challenge participants who subscribe to receive them. As a  challenge participant who is subscribed to receive the newsletter, you would automatically be entered the monthly giveaway.

INDULGE! Have fun, stay fit and remain healthy while growing your hair… Register for the challenge HERE.

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  • Reply September 2, 2013

    Ariel R

    I wish I’d come across this earlier so I could’ve started at in August with everyone, but I will still follow the challenge! Good luck curlies!