For Curly Girls: Protective Style Doesn’t Mean Forget Your Hair, Few Things You Really Should know


 In this journey, you have to appreciate your hair and listen to it. Your hair would respond if you take care of it.

Wondrous, a hair stylist of 15 years relates a few tips to aid your journey;

  1. Have realistic expectations of your hair.
  2. Your hair is growing if though you can’t see it due to shrinkage
  3. Hydration is KEY. When your hair is hydrated, it grows
  4. Shampoo regularly
  5. Don’t over use protein, too much would break the hair
  6. Protective style does not mean forget your hair. In braids, wash often. When you wear braids, the hair grows but if you don’t take care of it, it will fall off.
  7. Every blog is that person’s hair
  8. Heat is not always bad
  9. Embrace your hair, if one thing isn’t working, switch.
  10. There is no safe way to color your hair. All coloring cause some form of damage.
  11. The fastest way to grow natural hair is to eat well. Eat protein and drink a lot of water.

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