For Curly Girls: The Water Only Therapy

So… first thing, I’m not a natural hair specialist or like, experienced hair blogger. BUT I am a regular black woman with natural hair issues *i use this word with a pinch of salt* I mean, I fuss over my hair, A Lot, like a bunch of women.

I can only tell you what works for me, I know how disappointing it is for us when we watch youtube videos and read blogs and see women and men with amazing hair journeys and how they gained like Rapunzel length in so short a time *yimu*. You’d be surprised to know that products like Rogaine for Men also have far-reaching effects on women, for hair is nothing but Keratin and dead cells—something found in both the genders.

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I find I am always so skeptical about product reviews, (yeah some of these products work but for my hair), I’ve come to the realization that LESS IS MORE PEOPLE!

I started a water only journey recently. So, my cousin @odirisarah has gained length I have struggled with, in 8 months and mines shorter and its been 2 years. My question was “how?“. She told me of a water only therapy.

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Basically, you dampen your hair daily and massage it to release the sebum which moisturizes the hair (winter weather that dries hair out, a smidgen of olive oil for the ends is recommended ;) ) and wash once in 2/3 weeks with Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), Sheikena.

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Also, throw away your fancy combs and use fingers to detangle (less breakage= length retention). That’s all!  No need to spend tons of money on products (YIPPEEEE cos I used to be a product junkie, used to??? hmmm).

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Well, I’ve been doing this for a month and I can’t wait to do a length check in September!!! So far I see GREAT progress!!!!
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This post was written by @StaceyRavvero, lover and bestest of friends. She’s also an artist, singer and actress presently living in London.