Hair + Makeup: All We Talked About At Naturals In The City 6

naturals in the city 6

I love going for Naturals in the city meet up, its so interactive and you’d get so comfortable it would feel like you were talking to family. As opposed to the name, naturals in the city is not just restricted to ladies on natural hair. Those on weaves, relaxed, or texturized hair are equally welcomed.

The talks spun around hair and make up with different speakers sharing tips on how to take care of your hair  and how to handle make up… all on a budget and by yourself without seeking the help of expensive professionals. Because i’m nice -Yes, i am-  i’ll do a quick run through of the important stuff they shared and hopefully, you’ll find them helpful.

HAIR TALK (Natural)

Maintenance/How to choose your hairstyle :

natural hair bun


+Style your hair neatly if you work in a conservative place

+ Make people understand that your hair is how it is, and eventually they’ll get it

+Reduce the use of heat (Consider your location;  if you’re a Lagosian trust, the humidity is enough )

+Natural hair NEEDS and LIKES Moisture

+For those with free flow hair, ALWAYS detangle

The talk switched into choosing hairstyles appropriate for work and wedding, Most people stated that their offices only condoned the natural hair if it were up in a bun or gel’d tightly to their scalp. Other suggestions included

*Bantu knots(Depending on your hair texture, product and location)

*Twist outs(Depending on how the twists are done)

Natural hair for wedding is a lot more diverse, i captured one of the picks below

wedding hairstyle for naturals



naturalistas on red lips

When it comes to it, The first Question might be; Will this style last me for a long time? (For naturalistas, that ranges between 2 – 3 months)

Answer: Even if you’re moisturizing, you shouldn’t keep your hair for that long. 2-3 weeks is enough and 3-5 weeks is the MAX.

Risks of carrying your extensions for longer than 5 weeks

  1. They cause your hair to dry out
  2. Matting
  3. Product buildup
  4. Breakage
  5. your scalp wont get proper attention

Hair texture and how to work with your hair:

pretty naturalistas

Is your hairstyle you or is it somebody else’s?

Solange, Janelle Monae, these women saw what suited them and stuck to it. Once you decide on a hairstyle you want to wear/carry, be confident with your decision, don’t listen to negative remarks, look at yourself in the mirror and say with your no bullshit allowed face ” Nobody can carry this hair like me” 

Bluff it until you believe it

On working with your hair, you have to consider what part of your face you want to accentuate or hide.

Hairstyles give an illusion that something is something else

styling natural hair 2

+ If you have long hair, something that doesn’t rest on your neck will accentuate your neck.

+If you have a large forehead, you can style your hair in a way that would cover your face e.g cornrows or twists that sweep to the side.

+If  you have a long chin, style your hair so that you have curls at the bottom of your face that would fall at your chin, especially if you have long hair.

+If your front hair line isn’t full, make styles that cover it.  

natural hair girls

NOTE – If you pack your hair in a particular way too frequently, you would start to lose hair in that area. Remember to find a hairstyle that works and stick to it. Do your best to make your hair clean and tidy. Accentuate what you want to accentuate and hide what you want to hide.



makeup for naturalistas


A professional celebrity makeup artist Nori gave a lengthy and very helpful talk on making up without overdoing, while ensuring you make use of the right products.

P.S I’m really trying to cut down on the length of this post, as i’m not trying to write a book… yet. So i’ll just give a few details here and i’ll put up the rest in two/three subsequent posts, so don’t forget to keep tabs.


On Chapped/cracked lips:


+Use shea butter

+Coco butter

+Drink water

+Exfoliate your lips

NOTE: DO NOT USE YOUR TOOTH BRUSH TO EXFOLIATE Instead, follow this easy DIY on exfoliating with what you can find easily in your house


natural hair styles


What you need

  • Small towel
  • Honey
  • Sugar
  • Shea butter
  • Really hot water


  1. Get the towel and put it in really hot water
  2. Mix both sugar and honey
  3. Rub the mixture on your lips
  4. Take the towel and squeeze out the water
  5. Dry your lips with the towel
  6. Apply shea butter

Market Place

good skin care products

After the event, we stepped out to meet a pack of exhibitors selling and retailing hair accessories, skin care and natural hair products.

natural hair accessories

Yummy Mummy makes hair accessories and brooches using precious stones with a mix of lace, Ankara and some other materials.

Call: 08025240205

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: yummy mummy maternity couture

african naturalistas natural hair products

These are a few products i bought from African Naturalistas, Anti dandruff herbal hair rinse, castor oil and black moisturizing natural shampoo.

There were a number of  the natural hair sellers and retailers, some already listed HERE with contact details and  links to their sites.

Oh BTW, we all gained something…right?..right? okay!

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