In Not So Recent News: Finally Got Around To Pineapple Prints

Fruit prints  found their way to the streets a long while ago, in fashion time. Pardon my lateness, But its hard to ignore them especially with style individuals like Julia and Solange all chic’d up in fruity prints while strutting along in high heels and enviable fro’s.


solange in lemon prints at coachella


Talking pineapples,  i spotted the first of its kind  made by Moschino for its “cheap and chic” spring 2013 collection showcased at  London fashion week last year. The Moschino pineapple print comes looking a whole lot like Ankara made into very wearable pieces. And yes… unsurprisingly, it is African inspired.


moschino cheap and chic spring 2013 collection







z-351-116413-4-falrDJPX3fnO Even off the runway, people like Rihanna  prove pineapple prints are one to have in your closet.

rihanna shopping 180712