Jewel by Lisa Partners with L’Oréal Italy

“Opportunities abound for African designers to collaborate/partner with Western brands in various brand licensing scheme. Until now, we have not really seen African fashion design brands seize those opportunities, especially in the beauty industry said to be worth over $170 billion, globally. Within the past twenty four (24) hours, however, rising Nigerian design brand, Jewel by Lisa (JBL), breaks the mold and announces its joint partnership deal with L’Oréal Italy to launch a line of limited lipstick and nail polish for the JBL & L’Oréal woman. L’Oréal continues to make the lipstick and nail polish it is known for. Only this time, JBL licenses its trademark/brand name to L’Oreal to help it reach even more diverse consumers across Africa, Italy and hopefully the rest of Europe. It is a really good and savvy business move.

The launched products are available in select department and retail stores in Italy.

Congratulations to the JBL team.”

-Uduak Oduok

I can’t even say I am surprised, because I know jewel by Lisa is a go getter and she’s great at what she does.

Let Africans keep going for gold!

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