Latest Hairstyles for 2013/2014

eku edewor pompadour hairstyle (Custom)

Every season follows a new trend, not just for what concerns clothes and accessories, but also for what concerns hairstyles. So let’s see what are the latest trends for this winter 2013/14.


  • Hair extensions

rihanna_lady gaga_latest 2013_2014 hairstyles

From Lady Gaga, to Naomi Campbell, through Taylor Swift and Rihanna, hair extensions are back, allowing you to switch from one hairstyle to the other without worries and to give volume to your locks, pony tails and bangs. Those of you who think they look tacky are wrong. Hair extensions are always more natural looking, even because natural ones are always more used. It’s true, natural hair extensions tend to cost more than synthetic ones, but it’s worth it on the long run.

– Tip: Look for them in beauty parlors, classifieds sites and specialized stores and, once you know they’re the right length and color for you, check some videos on youtube on how to pin them to your hair.


  • Thick Bangs

naomi campbell_taylor swift_bangs hairstyle for 2013_2014

Speaking of hair extensions and thickness, bangs will be at the centre of this winter’s trends. They have to be thick and bold, short in the middle and longer on the side, for a very sixties look. Another very trendy option is that of the side faux bang. This is not an actual bang but it looks like one.

– Tip: After creating the low side part, sweep the hair over your forehead. It will give a flavor of tom-boysh style, without loosing the feminine look. Use bobby pins to tuck it behind the ear, so that it will stay put.


  • Low pony tails

low ponytail hairstyles 2013_2014_ beyonce_ chanel iman

It looks as a very easy hairstyle, which is true, but this doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay attention to some particulars that make it spotless; also, keep in mind there are even various ways to look fabulous with a ponytail. Some celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow or Charlize Theron love to wear it even on special occasions.

After placing your ponytail at your nape, you can either iron the tail to emphasize the sleekness, or you can curl the locks, for a bouncy effect. Regardless, the rest of your hair will have to be pulled down around your face or tucked behind your ears, in order to emphasize this style’s haphazard ease. If this doesn’t particularly excite you, you can always sweep it back or part it sharply.

– Tip: instead of letting your hairband show, pick a slightly thin lock from your ponytail and wrap it around the hairband so it doesn’t show, and then tuck it in with a hairpin.


  • Wet look

2013_2014 wetlook hairstyles

This is a very sexy look, Megan Fox and Keira Knightley are big fans of it. It looks very relaxed and it’s amazing when you adopt it in contrast with exquisitely crafted clothing. It will make you look like and extremely elegant woman who got all dressed up but forgot about her hair. Of course, the style is not accomplished by leaving your hair truly wet, but using some specific oils and hair products that will make it look like it’s wet, even if it’s actually perfectly dry.

– Tip: if you’re worried it might falling flat or start to separate, always take with you a small can of strong hairspray so your look stays in longer. Though if you think about it, it should be the type of freshly-from-the-pool that you’re looking for, so not looking “perfect” is actually part of the deal.