Throughout November and December, little bits of Lagos fashion and design week lingered  on lips, blogs, social networks and in our minds. You probably know we wouldn’t let you forget about the biggest fashion event in Nigeria just yet, and here’s a little reminder this Christmas Eve. Amidst the usual buzz and madness, we wondered what it was that drew people all the way to fashion week, and what kept them coming back. So we asked “What do you love about LFDW?” and we got some pretty interesting responses….

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 Bubu Ogisi –Designer, IAMISIGO


 This is my third time showing this year and it’s just an amenable, amiable platform for different emerging designers to show the world what they have to offer .



The reason I love fashion week is because it’s a breath of fresh air… of new style. Since I’ve seen everything a hundred times, so I’ll just like to see everything brand new.

Paolo Sisiano –Designer, SISIANO

IMG_0400 What I love about fashion week is that it is very expansive and it cuts across different cultures. It is absolutely fantastic. Different styles, different people, being able to showcase what they are.

Yagazie Emezi

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset I am a visual curator and youtube person. I really just come to see individuals who are not part of the show, come and show their street style. That’s the best part because it gives everyone an excuse to actually show who they really are through their outfits.

Lola Maja –Make Up Artist

IMG_0594 Because it gives makeup artists like me a chance to really express our creativity. This is where we want to be, this is the high of our social calendar every year, so why not? Why not fashion week?

Stephanie Coker –Presenter, MTV BASE

I love fashion week because it’s a way of expressing my craziness. I’m an upbeat person who loves wearing bright colours and I think it’s a way for people to get to know me . I’m not conservative,, my style is pretty laid  back. People get to show their inner selves through their clothes for afew days; they’re allowed to be who they are. You get to see a lot of the fashionistas that Lagos has to offer, and you get to see a lot of funny dresses. (laughs)

Olivia and Sylvia (Gozel Green) –Designers

IMG_9688 The energy, the creativity among the youths, the colorful nature of things.

Adebayo Oke-Lawal –Creative Director, ORANGE CULTURE

IMG_1513 I love fashion week because it gives you the opportunity to just present yourself to the world and show them what you’re made of (laughs). It gives you the opportunity to have a voice and express yourself and relate to all sorts of races and cultures.

Lisa Folawiyo –Designer

IMG_1398 Favourite part of fashion week is always my show (laughs). No, really, it’s the street style! I love seeing the street style and being in the thick of things.

Nikki –Model

IMG_0348 I love people coming together to represent different styles, the models wearing the clothes, making it look pretty.

Fade Ogunro –TV Presenter; OAP, BEAT FM

IMG_0336 Favourite part about fashion week is seeing my friends who are designers showcasing their new collections, and also the new, emerging designers. These are the entrepreneurs who in the next fifteen years are going to be taking the brand of Nigeria more global and that’s what I’m really looking forward to, because they always have an angle that’s fresh and exciting and it’s a great platform for supporting young designers. I don’t want to keep wearing the same designers we all know. I want to have some label you’ve never heard of, but you look at the piece and you’re like “wow!”. Doesn’t matter the name, as long as the style is good. That’s what I push for: creativity and talent.

Aina Fadina  –Model

IMG_0340 You get to see creativity and business merge together and it showcases Nigerian talent. I think it’s a great environment to get a new perspective on African design. I think it’s quite nice for the world to see that we don’t just to Ankara fabrics, so it’s such a breakthrough to see our fashion week in Lagos and there’s so much happening in terms of infrastructure and it’s nice to have different people in the industry come together. I’m a model so I love fashion. Asides walking the runway, it’s nice to be a spectator and a consumer, asides being part of the creative process.


IMG_0679 I’m into fashion PR, you get the chance to see different kinds of expressions and I think that’s the fun part of fashion week.

RAYO –Designer

IMG_0326 Seeing the talent and emerging designers in Nigeria, because our market isn’t one that’s (presently) very structured but it’s growing into a structured environment, so it’s fun to see it grow into that.



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ORIRE, Designer, Rebahia – Hi my name is Orire Omatsola. I think it’s a great time for everyone in fashion to come together and I really enjoy it. I love the fact that for one week, we’re all like this great team that come together to support something that we love so much.

Wendy, MBGN UNIVERSE 2014 – It’s amazing, being able to see people with different views on fashion, being in the midst of all this creativity is awesome. I’m loving it.

OSAITO O, Fashion Editor What I love most about fashion week is the energy is very… I love the colours (of the clothes), the fabrics, the different things that everyone does, and their different styles, but what brings us together is (the love for) fashion.

KECY, Writer I feel like fashion is such a great way to showcase a lot of creativity and that’s part of why I’m always so invested in fashion week each year. The fashion industry in Nigeria is growing so it’s very good to be a part of it and watch it grow from the start.

DEOLA, Fashion Blogger, omogemura.com – I love the creativity, the clothes, the people, you get to see what Nigerian designers are putting out first-hand . You get to see the new collections, the inspiration behind a lot of clothes that we see on the red carpet and on the streets. It’s a great platform to showcase talent as the Nigerian fashion industry is getting more recognition on the global stage.

Naomi, Model – It’s a week to witness different outfits, funny ones and weird ones, colourful ones, it’s always fun; different people mixed together staying in one place. Designers screaming, laughing, making jokes of other people .

Okafor Ifeayin, Medical student and Stylist – (About LFDW) I’ve been a part of it, I interned in 2012, 2013, and I’ve watched it grow. And I’m here watching it 2014. I can see a huge difference, it has really changed and I love that.

Henry Udukwu, Intern, SIDE MAGAZINE NIGERIA – It’s giving Nigerian designers a platform to take their work to the next level so they can grow, and in some way compete with other countries i.e other major fashion people. We’re growing like that, and LFDW is giving us that path to grow

Edwin Okolo, Blogger and Writer – I love how hectic everything is. Everybody is alive and you can feel the energy from everybody. There are so many beautiful clothes and so many people to meet. It’s like a big, big party.


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SUKI, Intern, NDANI TV – I love fashion week  because it’s fun to see really stylish people coming together and showing everyone what they can do with their clothes.

ONOS, Presenter, NDANI TV – I love fashion week because of all the street style. You have people leave their comfort zones and just be completely inspired by fashion.

AFAM, Blogger, RANTINGS OF A MAD MAN – I love fashion week because it’s an opportunity to see with your own eyes the work of designers, it’s an opportunity to meet people and network, and it’s an opportunity to find out about designers you never knew even existed.

OLAKUNBI ELESE, Creative Director, APRIL BY KUNBI – I love fashion week because you just see so many ideas, new fashion, creative people coming together. I live for fashion, so it’s a great environment for me to be in. Just seeing various colleagues of mine; the guests; everyone just dressed very fashionably.

NNEOMA NOSIKE, Model Favourite part of fashion week is walking the runway, cos it’s the most amazing feeling and then getting to try clothes and put on makeup that you’d hardly wear on a normal day and having to work with some crazy and amazing designers and getting to see fashion on a whole new level every season.

FREIDA , Model – I think it’s really amazing to get to see designs before they come out. I think it’s the most fantastic thing.

SHARON, Producer, SPICE TV – What I love most about fashion week is working. (laughs) I love gathering content at fashion week.

TEMITAYO NATHAN, Creative Director, T.I. NATHAN – I like to see different looks and different aesthetics, all the different points of view on fashion.

MAUREEN IKEMBU IKOKU, Designer, SUNNY ROSE I love fashion week because it brings all the designers together. You get to see all the creativity in the industry. You get to really see the work and the intricacies of creating such beautiful work. And it helps put Nigeria on the global platform as well. It’s also a way for everyone to show off their individuality.

OHA LAMI AUDU, Stylist It gets everyone together. It’s a coming together of creative with different collections and it stimulates creativity which goes back to help sales and gives us a job! (laughs)

KUNLE IDOWU (Also known as Frank Donga) NDANI TV I don’t know anything about fashion , but I like the pretty faces and the bright colours and the nice smile coming from someone like you. (Picture Uche blushing profusely at this point)

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We’ve got more coming from our #LFDWDiaries, so watch this space for our #BackstageStories post coming up soon!