LookBook: Prints And Drums, Aimas Presents The Beat Collection

prints in pant and shirt

Aimas designs speak of casual high end Africa fashion, a clothing range for a trendy look and this makes the brand stand out effortlessly in a class of their own.


This collection tells a story using the medium of prints and drumswhere high grade customized fabrics and unique designs meet street , classy casual and trends so when ever you step on the scene….you don’t just rep, you send THE BEAT  .




The beat collection is inspired by African history and culture rooted in music, musical instruments and dance. African music is more than just aesthetic expression. It permeates African life and has a function, a role to play in society; songs are used for religious ceremonies and rituals, to teach and give guidance, to tell stories, to mark the stages of life and death and to provide political guidance or express discontent.

In African cultures, the beat of a drum can be used to relay a message in what many understand as drum languages, or talking drums. Different African cultures also use ordinary household items as instruments, which have developed into a wide variety of percussion instruments that we know today.




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