Mai Atafo Inspired Collaborates With Savile Row Academy

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The hosting of Savile Row Master Tailor, Darren Beaman marked the end of over 2 weeks of intensive training of the Mai Atafo Inspired team in the production of Savile Row Bespoke suits. The event was in partnership with Chivas Regal Whiskey in line with their global strategy of supporting Savile Row Bespoke tailoring.

As guests arrived at the Mai Atafo inspired atelier, it was a relaxed ambience with an impeccable display of tailored suits, a unique evening set for celebrating the collaboration between Mai Atafo inspired Bespoke and the Savile Row Academy.
Mai Atafo, creative director of Mai Atafo Inspired led the guests through the journey tagged Savile Row inspired. Stating the drive behind recruiting the services of the Savile Row Academy and drive to take suit tailoring to the highest international level.




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Master Tailor Darren Beaman led the guests through a typical Savile row Bespoke suit measurement demonstration and applauded Mai Atafo for his distinction in being the first of its kind to take such remarkable step in bringing the Savile row standard to tailored suits in Africa.


Overall, the event was splendidly graced by Ikane Akhigbe, Bawo Okoro, Chiedu Edozie, Audu  Maikori, Kunbi Oyelese, Toju Foyeh, Ono Bello, Latasha Nwugbe,  Ene Maya, Isio Wanagho, Kazeem Bello-Osagie, Micahael Lawanson, Chin Okere, Francis Obozuwa and a host of other important clients.

It was a true celebration of craftsmanship, heritage and style and also an excellent platform for networking as conversations flowed with various Chivas Regal whiskey cocktails and Fiona’s indulgence delicious Hors D’oeuvres.
Mai Atafo Inspired Bespoke journey to Savile row puts the brand amongst world class tailored suits brands if the new range of Savile row inspired suits are anything to go by. Guests were also treated to a one day discounted and personal consultation service from the Savile row master tailor himself.

The event ended on a high note leaving a lasting impression of fine bespoke suit tailoring now available through Mai Atafo Inspired Bespoke in Africa.

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