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I’m at some cozy hotel in Paris, a thousand miles and 6 hours from home, writing a post I originally planned to publish 2 months ago. In the quiet uneventful side of town, where the sun sets at 9 pm and rises at 5 am, I finally found time.

With Emeli Sande’s “River”, “Breaking The Law”, and “Suitcase” set as background music (because I’m completely in love with her voice), I’ll start my  not-so story story.

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You see, for a fashion blogger, I’m quite simple and somewhat untrendy. I don’t wear makeup 24/7 and you’d catch me in heels 15 times out of 100. I’m not obsessed with labels, so I won’t buy or wear something just because there’s some fancy name tagged to it. Art, on a different note, amazes me. What I have is deep appreciation for the beauty my eyes behold it to be and mostly for the people who create it. My love for photography on the other hand is not something I can easily put into words. I’ll get to it later.


Let’s go back to the basics.

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My name is Ginikachi Eloka,  20, Igbo, dark skinned, Nigerian, not short, unmarried. Everyone calls me Kachi, you can too. I’m a student, studying Systems Engineering at the University of Lagos. I’m an adventurer at heart, hence the middle word in my tagline. I like to travel, I love new places and the change of environment.

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I have an interest in learning things; french, guitar, sewing,piano, makeup, graphic design. Compliments make me feel awkward and uncomfortable (only in person though ;). I love red wine, jollof rice, plantain, watermelon, gummy bears, chicken!, meat!, MANGO and Asos. Shopping is my favorite therapy… I could get mad, drive to a store, look around while scowling at ridiculous price tags, might not buy anything  but still leave with a better mood.

Scars are attracted to me. One settled on my chin back when I was 7, and the other went for the side of my left foot. They don’t bother me, I’m used to them.

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I love supporting Indigenous businesses and projects; designers, artists and entrepreneurs. It gives me inexpressible joy to come across something made beautifully well in Nigeria/ Africa. I love how fast we’re growing in the international market. I love the people that continue to push boundaries and break barriers, these ones constantly inspire me. I love how our fashion industry is slowly growing into an empire and how much recognition we’re getting out there.

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The last thing I expected though, was to get bitten by mosquitoes in Paris. I mean it’s Paris, I expect romance, fun, tall men with beautiful accents, not… mosquitoes. That’s totally unrelated, But well, I’m done with the serious stuff.

I go into the real Paris later today, where hundreds of  tourists litter the streets and people make out on the sidewalks. The plan is to see all that the “city of love” is made of. I’ll keep you updated, Promise.

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 And… that’s me right now, because no one ever goes to bed all glam’ed up.

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  • Reply August 4, 2014


    I love this!

    Glad to finally meet you Kachi :p.
    Will love to meet you in person as well so when you are back in Lagos :D
    Have fun in Paris!!

  • Reply August 4, 2014

    Black Fabulousity

    Lovely to meet you too! Sure! I’ll let you know as soon as i’m back.

    Thank you!

  • Oh my. I absolutely love the way you write. I usually get bored by the 2nd paragraph of posts but I still wanted more at the end. Great shots too.

  • Reply August 21, 2014


    i really enjoyed this post. thank GOD you have decided to shrug off that cloak of mystery! truth: i wondered one time if you were a man or something (possibly gay)-then I saw ur profile pic on google plus I think and i was like ehn…it might be a stolen pic lol! i was just curious to know who YOU really were, but I didn’t ask cos I felt you have the right to fashion your blog however u wanna.
    well take plenty pics at paris (ur so lucky!) and share with us-maybe on IG (im following already). we should meet up when you get back! like u i like gummy bears, red wine, art, french-i speak basic french haha-im also an engr major from unilag. i wud love to learn how to play d piano but i just dunno how to go about it…
    ok i said too much. gosh

    • Reply October 2, 2014

      Black Fabulousity

      LMAO. You are hilarious.

      I took A LOT of pictures, but putting them up is a problem. What part of Lagos do you live in? and I dont even know your IG name, but i’ll check.

      Lol please keep talking. I should email you soon.


  • Reply July 20, 2015

    Adeleke David

    Nice to meet you, Ginika. Or Kachi. Which one do you prefer? :)

  • Reply August 10, 2015

    Zuri Lonnie

    Hey my small cute baby sis lol….so u put up a pic of me…so sweet of u..

  • Reply August 21, 2015

    Zuri Lonnie

    Happy Birthday sweetheart…..You are blessed in Jesus name, amen.