Mid-Week Indulgences: Nigeria International Book Fair

I’ll not say I’m an avid reader, but I love reading to a point that my mother often threatened to burn down my bookshelf (with the books in it) because all I and my sister did was read (non school) books from morning till night. There was a time I couldn’t eat without reading a book, like I actually could not eat without reading a book at the same time, as in it’s amazing that I really actually cou… Okay you get the point.


Last year a friend told me about the book fair packaged with good deals and books that were affordable or sold for a lesser price than regular. She told me after it had ended btw, so I missed out on it, but guess who’s not dulling this time around?

Nigeria international book fair

The book fair is like a shopping mall for books, different stores in one place selling a wide range of books on every topic. I went through ALL the stores, trying to be diverse about my selection, but I still ended up with two African literature books (which I’ll tell you more about when I do a Currently Reading on each of them.) In the mean time if you’re in Lagos, head over to University of Lagos, ask for the multipurpose hall, and there you’ll find them.




Buchi emecheta the new tribe say you are one of them african books

The New Tribe (N600) , Say You Are One Of Them (N1000)

P.s: I heard the last day is the best day to go for it as prices would be slashed. Let me know if you stop by.

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  • Reply May 28, 2015


    Ah! I am an avid ‘eater-reader’ too, I always reach for something to read whilst eating. The side-effect of this is that I eat rather slowly. My meal times are usually elongated by the desire to continue reading.

    Indeed, there is “no friend as loyal as a good book”.

    Thank you of sharing this, I wish I’d known about the book fair earlier.