Monday Muse: WIW To The Fashion Innovation Series, As Culled From The Internet

If you’re the type who wakes up, throws something on and steps out looking like Carrie Bradshaw(SJP) meets Blake Lively, you are gifted. No really, it’s a talent not everyone possesses: The talent to understand and manipulate clothes so that they suit you in a way they would no one else. And I applaud you, because you deserve a few rounds for always looking so fly.


Now, I’m the type who wakes up clueless. Inbetween deciding what to wear and how to avoid heels (because heels are as much a pain in the ass as they are complimenting) when I eventually find something, I find myself in a jumbled mess. Putting clothes together isn’t one of my strong points, so on days like these I’m grateful for the internet because it’s like my virtual help guide for anything and everything.
Anyway, two Saturday’s ago, fashion ma peau was hosting a workshop, fashion innovation series (centered on giving young creatives in the fashion industry useful advice on how to establish themselves or improve their skills in various aspects of the industry) and I was in one those “I don’t know what to wear even if I have a full wardrobe” states, then this cheeky fly woman popped up on my Pinterest, and I had a light bulb moment. I put the pieces together, and voilà.

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