Ndidi Emefiele’s Art

It starts with the smallest thing: a bit of your attention as you walk past the TV and your eyes catch something interesting on the evening news, then you memorize that little piece of information so you can look it up on Google. Next thing you’re engrossed in your findings and you want more, and then you’re in love.

That’s exactly what happened with Ndidi Emefiele.


Ndidi is a 26 year old artist and yet-to-be-unveiled fashion designer. Her work is influenced by fashion magazines and blogs,  she combines her love for fashion with art to create pieces that are genuinely captivating

As a female artist surrounded by women, She loves to celebrate the female form which she considers the most sophisticated art form, so you’ll notice most of her subjects are women usually well made up, wearing glasses or head gear, hers is fashion on the canvas.

I love retro fashion, there’s something beautiful in taking the old and making it new.

Burned-70cm-by-80cm emefiele_african_nigerian_artist

Rebirth-of-Eva emefiele_african_nigerian_artist




ndidi emefiele (1)




Rainbow ndidi_emefiele_african_nigerian_artist


She’s had a growing obsession with glasses,it serves as a shield to protect her emotions, vulnerability, fears, pain etc in sort of an empowering way. With her paintings being an extension of her, she felt the need to create shields for them too. She uses compact discs, flexible frames and adhesive materials to achieve that.

She also uses fabrics and wrappers , ‘I recycle my mothers old wrappers, it has power to travel the mind of the audience. It plays on sentiments and can tell a story effortlessly’. Her art is a mix of several fashion elements, with the big hair and the clothing, she likes to show how the modern woman is evolving.


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