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We’ve been thinking about the importance of high street brands and how they’re really a way to experience the trends we see on the designer runways for prices that won’t burn a hole through your pockets. Affordable fashion is always a reason to celebrate and a great bargain equals happy hour for us and we love to support anyone who provides us with it. With this in mind, we decided to head to Ife’s Closet for the story behind the story of the brand.


Ife’s Closet is a new Afrocentric clothing brand which launched its site on Monday 16th March, and all the items in the lookbook are available on the site. They have created a small collection (of 13 items) as they are self-funded and are looking to grow organically as a brand, something we can definitely relate to.

When we asked it’s founder Titi why she started the label, she said, ” First and foremost, I was inspired to start the label because I love being different, especially in style. Having just entered my 30s and become a mother, I had a conflict of style with my former self whose fashion sense was influenced by the Camden scene against a newfound love for functional minimalism that caters to my new life and self; being a mother with an active child.


I wanted to create fluid fashion without compromising on style. Fashion that fit into my everyday lifestyle not the other way round. Classic silhouettes that go beyond a season’s trend, laid-back style, a little bit of vintage and prints. Lots of prints.

I am a bit of an old soul and draw a lot of inspiration from the past. Prior to completing the collection, I bought Nichelle Gainer’s ‘Vintage Black Glamour’ and it inspired me immensely. Reading and flicking through the images/achievements of women of colour, women who look like me, took me on a journey of self-discovery to understand what my passion is beyond the daily norm.


I am deeply connected to my West African roots, that is my reference, and starting point. Ankara prints tell a story, is pertinent to my family memories and it representative of my culture. It is celebratory, deeply in grained in my identity and is a substantial part of my culture despite its origins having been elsewhere.

Although based in London, the brand delivers to different countries in Africa, including Nigeria. However, we’ve been warned; due to some logistics restrictions, the brand has to use established brands like DHL, which makes delivery costs more expensive than the brand would like.


In terms of growing its influence over here as one of the African fashion brands based abroad, Ife’s Closet plan to first build their reputation with consistently strong seasons and partnering up with influencers (like us ^_^) that share a common love for fashion, which will in turn, help get the brand a strong fan base, while focusing on forming a genuine long-lasting connection with their customers.



With the aim to keep things young and fresh, Ife’s closet presents laid-back, classic silhouettes with a sprinkling of vintage glamour that’s easily translated to everyday wear.

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