Pen Art From Ghana | Enam Bosokah

When I was younger, art to me meant watercolor on cardboard or pencil on sketchbook. I never envisioned anything more than those two mediums. I left art class 10 years ago and never encountered much of it till 2012. My interest was never really lost, so flowing back into it came easy. But then, things had become a whole lot different… Art as I knew it had completely bloomed, diversified, and expanded both in medium and reach.

Oil on canvas, installments, paper quilling, terracotta, mixed media e.t.c were terms I had to know and get used to. And then sometimes, I’m utterly engrossed in discovering and experiencing all these mediums that I get completely bedazzled when I come across remarkable art work created using the simplest medium: Pen on paper.

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Enam Bosokah is a Ghanaian artist whose work I’ve re-blogged over and over on tumblr. He plunged into pen and paper after getting disappointed going into the field of practice with so much energy and optimism but no funds.

Now, he focuses on trying to capture the essence of his subject through an original portrait drawn only with a ball point pen. Lots of lines and minute squares form his portraits, a style of drawing that remains unnamed and open to change. “It’s a freestyle“, he said, not wanting to keep to one confinement, seeing as he’s very much open to art and what it can bring him.

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While letting the public know that he’s just a young artist who hasn’t found his time in art yet and is craving to do more,  he aims to inspire people all over the world regardless of his medium which include pen works,  sculptures, and paintings.

20 years from now, I want records of my art and how it was made a success.




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Credits: True African Art