Photography Picks: Black and White Portraits

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Everything looks better in black and white.” If you haven’t then yes, it actually is a thing (thank me later). Have you ever found yourself converting a photo you want to upload to your instagram feed to the old reliable monochrome because it just makes it look a bit ‘better’, or perhaps even for more pragmatic reasons like distracting colors or a high amount of noise? You’re not alone in this world.


Photos rendered in black and white (or shot on black and white film), when used properly, give off an enhanced mood, sometimes even a completely different one from what they would have in color. This is especially apparent when the subject of said photograph is a person, a living being. There’s something distinctly intimate about looking at an image of someone in the absence of color. This absence leaves you with gaps to fill, gives you a job to do, leaves you guessing; “What color is her lipstick?” “What color is his shirt?” “I wonder what music she likes to listen to” “What was happening when this photo was taken?” This mystery is one of the reasons I love black and white portraits.


“Colour is everything, black and white is more.” – Dominic Rouse.


So the team set out into vast treasure chest (or sometimes garbage truck) that is the internet to bring you some of our favorite black and white portraits. Enjoy:



by ‘Chuckstr



by Gloria Etim, of Gloria Etim


photographer: unknown

photographer: unknown
















photographer: unknown

photographer: unknown


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