Pleated Mustard Shoe |Wardrobe Lust

cc divine apparel mustard pleated shoe cravings

I was just poking around on Pinterest, when this just causally jumped in my face, and stood there looking like a slice of everything nice.

I’ll spare you the redundant details and tales of how much I love comfort and my belief in ‘beauty in simplicity’, but just take in the color and style of this pair for a minute and tell me you don’t want to chatter endlessly about how your feet would sit perfectly in them and how those laces tie a knot in your chest.

closet cravings mustard shoe trends

If they weren’t currently unavailable, I’d have put them on the next flight to Lagos.

This beauty is sold on CCDivine Apparel for just £15.00.  Check On It

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  • Reply May 2, 2014


    What What What ? $30 that’s neat! I loove these, the color got me, i was on your pinterest too, and I saw these babies…

    Imagine a print dress or floral vintage dress on those *wink* wink* outfit ideas….

    I had to follow some of your yummy boards on pinterest too gerrl. Fun boards you gatt

    I guess we shall be interacting more both on the blogsville and in the pinterest world!


    • Reply May 2, 2014

      black fabulousity

      Lol I still can’t get over the price, the color.. the everything. Yess I saw you :D

  • Reply May 16, 2014

    The Indie

    Those mustard shoes are adorbs! And flats are my favorite! I should make this a staple in the near future :)