Runway Notes: Artisans Christie Brown, Kiki Clothing & Stella Jean Take Africa To Rome

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“Africa to Rome” was born when the Ethical Fashion Initiative of International Trade Centre (ITC)  started out a project  which gave artisans in East Africa, West Africa and Haiti the opportunity to develop and manufacture hand-woven products for fashion businesses around the world by partnering with the style agency AltaRoma to promote their handiwork during Rome’s fashion week, while connecting them to global fashion brands and enabling them to sell their products, earn money and improve their livelihoods.



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Christie Brown is a Ghanaian designer whose pieces depicts obvious talent, infusing modernism into carefully selected traditional African aesthetic that transcends international borders. Allowing women to experience the culturally rich and opulent side of Africa without having to compromise their personal contemporary style.



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Kiki Clothing is owned by a Nigerian, but manufactures all of its products, from clothing to footwear in Ghana, drawing her inspirations from images of everyday life and people as well as a variety of cultures, mainly her diverse Nigerian/ Ghanaian heritage.


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Stella Jean is an Italian-Haitian designer sources fabrics made by artisans in Burkina Faso whose signature Wax and Stripes reflects a mood reminiscent of her own multicultural personal journey.“Wax” represents her maternal roots, Haiti, the first independent black republic in the world, drawing its history in part from West Africa. The masculine “Stripes” present on shirts, symbolize the her father, from Turin. 


IMAGE SOURCE: Haute Fashion, Stella Jean Ltd, Styleite

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