So We Picked Up A Copy Of Genevieve’s September Issue

The second before double tapping on the Instagram photo that unveiled Genevieve Magazine’s September-October issue, I knew I was being dragged out of Hiatus. 13 months after my last purchase, I finally found a magazine cover that instantly compelled me to grab a copy. I can’t even explain to you how good it feels waking up to this cover sitting on my table like an elegant trophy. But it’s not just the cover, it’s the excitement about getting to read Maki’s Interview.


 The Cover Girl.

Seeing Maki Oh as cover girl made me beyond ecstatic, it’s the first cover she’s been spotted on and first time is always special. Adorned in black,the beautiful, bold, creative,stunning and successful designer exudes all that her work embodies; difference, daringness, exclusivity and modesty.

Her designs draw heavy inspiration from traditional fabrics such as Adire and Aso Oke remade into modern and chic contemporary pieces.


 On The Inside.

I read Maki’s interview twice because I felt the need to savor everything between the lines. It was like a tasteful and properly served three course meal.

Fashion is certainly art, art is central to Maki Oh, in our inspiration, research, development and final product, we’re always striving to create pieces that do more than just cover up nakedness. Pieces that appeal to artistic sensibilities.

Amaka Osakwe talks about her interest in fashion and experience so far in the industry,views on plagiarism, challenges, her desire for perfection and how she achieves balance, striking creativity with commerce. She shares a few highlights in her career, like meeting Karl Lagerfield and having Michelle Obama wear her piece, never forgetting to give credit to her team. On the future of Maki Oh as a brand, she responds “I would like for us to keep growing..I would also like more international stockists and so on..“.

“One of  the reasons I came back to Nigeria was to shine a light from home..” “I think what’s important, in this very small market is that we designers, don’t look like we are all creating the same clothes. The industry is still new and fresh, and it’s important that the work coming out of Nigeria reflects our diversity.



Magazine: Genevieve

Cover: Maki Oh

Photographer: Lakin Ogunbanwo

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