South African Handmade Bags | Okapi 2013 collection

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Okapi is a brand founded by South African painter Hanneli Rupert in 2008 with the idea to create a locally produced range of products that would combine exceptional quality and craftsmanship with an international yet uniquely African look and feel.

Taking influence from an Art Nouveau aesthetic, magic, mysticism and reverence to nature, Okapi produces amazing great quality artisanal bags and accessories handmade from  chains, horns and leathers (ethically sourced in South Africa) with unique and exotic details such as the Springbok horns to make them stand out.

okapi bag and purse

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okapi yemoja bag

okapi green bag

okapi black bag

okapi south african handmade bags

okapi brown bag

okapi bag


Where to get these?

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How are these made?

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