Style Box: Monochromatic

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The monochrome trend has been around for a while and has refused to go out of style basically because of its simplistic elegance.
Wearing black and white used to be seen as boring and drab but nowadays fashionistas have stocked their closets full of beautiful monochrome pieces as one can never go wrong with these colors.


The latest monochrome trend is even to wear an all white outfit and as we all know wearing all black can never go out of style
I love the monochrome trend because no one can go wrong with it.

Nigerian designers who brought monochrome to the runway

1. Tiffany Amber at Arise 2012

2. Rebahia at LFDW 2012

3. Ozorra by Zee at LFDW 2012

4. Rebahia at LFDW 2012


STYLE NOTE: Monochrome has gone beyond just black and white. Other than being worn as stripes, prints or even in the basic plain form..a single matching color head to toe is also referred to as monchrome.

Invest in some monochrome pieces today! They never go out of style!