Style Lust: Eku Edewor


When speaking of style queens, Eku is one. She would enchant you with her easy , cool and chic style. As a model, actress and Mnet studio 53 presenter, she is one of Nigeria’s entertainment elite who the style spotlight never misses.
Hardly bent on following trends and never turns up over or under styled. Her style depicts an extension of her personality, going from sweet girl to boyish and then sexy. It’s always just right with her.

One thing I love is how shorts accentuate her slim long legs both in heels and flats.

Mostly spotted in long dresses, Eku on the red carpet goes from smoking red high slits to neutral simple evening gowns without losing her stun.

It’s hard to spot the similarities between this tom boyish like figure and the slender female who walks the red carpet in lovely flowing gowns

I like her versatility with pants. Today its pegs, skinnies, tomorrow its a cropped high waist or tab trousers.

She’s the prints princess of the Nigerian style world and also a lover of Nigerian designers, as she endlessly rocks pieces from their collections.


I love a white T-shirt and a blazer; you can’t go wrong with it. Other than that, my style changes every day, depending on how I feel. I may wake up some days and feel very French and then I would alternate that with a chic look.  Some days, I might feel very urban and wear ripped jeans. When I am doing red carpet, I like to dress with a lot of drama.  I dress for the designers sometimes, if they want me to dress in one of their pieces and they want it to have a lot of flair, I am not afraid because a part of me always wanted to dress up. My dressing does not scare me because I don’t really care what people think about what I wear. “

Technically, Eku edewor is the girl next door with a fearless style.

Eku Edewor at the launch of Ebony life TV

Eku Edewor at the launch of Ebony life TV


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