The Return Of Ojo Agi

Another fantastic (re)discovery (special kisses to Cassie Daves), Ojo Aji, a Nigerian born self taught artist whose work provoke’s a second glance. Ojo Agi initially went off the grid sometime in 2012 after a major collaboration with Alex Folzi to create a series of illustrations for its limited females tee collection, and we’re hoping she’s back for good. A welcome side effect of her return is being comfortable spending all day scrolling through her work. Literally, we’ve been flirting with her Instagram like buttons and we’re quickly becoming regulars on her site.

Believing there are multiple ways to tell a story, she chooses to use art to tell hers. Her artwork illustrates the sensitivity, sensuality and sadness that is typically silenced on brown bodies. Her greatest hope as an artist is to tell stories that people of any background can identify with.

Whilst perusing her gallery, we spotted some images that made us think how our walls need a good dose of art, but we won’t get into that. Instead, we’ll show you bits of her old pieces we dug up and merged with the new, which indicates how much she has grown as an artist..

But before we spend the entire day talking, here are the beautiful works by Ojo Agi.

ojo+agi+nigerian+artist+african+art (8)


Vidushi+ojo+agi+nigerian+artist+african+art ojo+agi+nigerian+artist+african+art (10) Alex-Folzi-X-Ojo-Evelyn-4+ojo+agi+nigerian+artist+african+art (2) Alex-Folzi-X-Ojo-Evelyn-4+ojo+agi+nigerian+artist+african+art (3) ojo+agi+nigerian+artist+african+art (3)

ojo+agi+nigerian+artist+african+art (9)


Daisy III+ojo+agi+nigerian+artist+african+art

ojo+agi+nigerian+artist+african+art (6)

ojo+agi+nigerian+artist+african+art (4)




ojo+agi+nigerian+artist+african+art (5)

ojo+agi+nigerian+artist+african+art (1)

Ojo Agi is a self-taught Nigerian artist born and raised in Canada.

Specifically, she uses her pieces to demonstrate that women of colour are more multi-faceted than stereotypes suggest.  She aims to show that brown is beautiful, diverse and empowering; but also use each piece as an opportunity to learn and un-learn what is beautiful to her.

She works predominantly with art markers and acrylic paint, though she experiments with other mediums frequently. Whether a piece takes hours or days to complete, potent emotions and delicate details permeate her work. Her greatest hope as an artist is to tell stories that people of any background can identify with.

She is currently based in Ottawa, Ontario, working to establish herself as a feminist artist.


Image Credits: NaturallyNaija  | FAB Magazine | StyleHouseFiles