The Sweet Kiwi Experience

  I used to think everything good in life could be summed up in a cup of ice cream; every lick if the creamy deliciousness providing a much – needed escape from the sweltering heat of Lagos. I was wrong. Growing up, my taste buds began to crave something else, something that ice cream wasn’t. And suddenly, it wasn’t the all-encompassing remedy of my youth any more.   

Then Sweet Kiwi came along, with great offerings and a welcome cold treat on a hot Lagos afternoon. It’s not ice cream, but if you’re on the fit fam train or looking for a healthier option, this is your best bet in Lagos. For its one year anniversary, Sweetkiwi held a bloggers taster sessions inviting us to try out new flavours. The man who attended to us was super nice, explaining each of the flavours and how to get around serving ourselves. He made sure we felt right at home which helped us ease up.

Sweetkiwi, an urban English word for “unforgettable thing”, is a premier one stop shop for healthy frozen yogurt, an alternative to the calorie filled ice-cream. It contains active live cultures, naturally organic and comes with your choice of sweet, dry and healthy fruit toppings. The menu is a variety of flavours, fresh fruit, creative premium dry and liquid toppings, fruit cups, yogurt parfaits, frozen yogurt, smoothies, broyo(brownie frozen yoghurt), frozen yogurt Popsicles, baked waffles and waffle cones.

We wish the Sweet Kiwi crew many more exciting years, and much more sweetness to boot.



 Quick tip : Try the Kiwi flavour. A signature flavour and rightly so. 

 And finally, our outfits of the day, just in line with our claim as “fashion bloggers living in flats.”