This Year’s 13 Favorite: Art Works

art worksj

This year, has been out and about discovering more on everything from fashion, through art and photography: collating  favorites from awesome collections to the art pieces I want hanging on my wall.

I’ve rounded up categorized lists of 13 each, of those that made a lasting impression..




“..remains a strong contender of how we express our ideas and feelings…” – Stacey Okparavero

“..when you make it,  there doesn’t have to be an explanation, it just happens.” – Folasade


1. tumblr_lfggc0Je3z1qb6jujo1_500

by Ana Miralles, a Spanish comic books artist, known particularly for her treatment of erotic subjects.


the big chop by ash the painter

The big chop

by Ash the painter, a Pop art portraitist and art designer who loves painting xtra curly hair…


tumblr_msj6p6lNCH1s6ze5bo1_1280 (Custom)

God save the children

By Folasade, a digital artist who transforms photographs into art, aiming to tell a different story than the one the photograph originally told, or create a new story within the one that’s already there.

igbo grace magareth rose vendreys
Igbo grace
By Margaret Rose Vendryes, a Jamaican born artist who turned to art history to remain connected to art makers while making a living.
By Micheal Roberts,  is a British fashion journalist also fashion and style director of Vanity Fair magazine.
By Sit Haiiro, an Amsterdam-based artist and illustrator.

A gift 

from Stacey Okparavero, a Nigerian artist with a varied and diverse approach to making art whose work content reflects her love for nature and tradition as well as unifying various cultures.



Kike blue

By Studio of Mode, an illustrator and artist who also makes uber cool gadget cases with her art prints.


art by mode

Modé (studio of mode) is an artist who currently lives in Lagos, Nigeria.



Is he black enough ?

By Tatyana Fazlalizadeh,  an African-American and Iranian artist who gained notoriety when she began to use street art to speak out against street harassment of women.



Artist -Unknown


IMG_20130224_121850 (1)



afro art with wood bark

Fro made of tree bark, exhibited at the Letiburn show Toronto. Artist is unknown