Vlisco’s Parade Of Charm With Betty Adewole

The artfully structured pieces of Vlisco has held staying power in the African fashion scene, and when you look out of the box, you’ll find Vlisco there. Besides creating pieces exploding with creativity, their lookbooks have a way of getting you excited and inspired. For some, love follows right after. You can’t help it really, and just as you find yourself being blown away by the clever merging of sophistication and art, you’ll forget that the essence of these lookbooks aren’t to get you in a trance, but to advertise what is being sold; fabrics.



The Vlisco Parade of Charm collection draws its inspiration from the sleek silhouettes of modern metropolitan architecture. The geometric print and sculptural pattern set the tone and are used with a feminine Vlisco twist that’s utterly chic and irresistibly elegant. The designs of the collection has an almost three-dimensional effect, thanks to an ingenious interplay of light, shape and colours.

Sophisticated black and grey shades dominate the colour palette, while muted colours such as olive green, lavender and wine red add interest to the design. Prints from Vlisco have influenced the African fashion landscape for decades, and these patterns from Holland on cotton cloth reflect true Dutch craftsmanship and are also known as ‘Hollandais’. Vlisco is still the only brand creating authentic Dutch Wax fabrics recognisable for their unique style, colours and wax craquelé. vlisco-parade-of-charm-05 vlisco-parade-of-charm-00


The Vlisco Parade Of Charm Campaign featuring Nigerian model, Betty Adewole.



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Source: BeautyisDiverse