Wardrobe Lust .05

I’m not a shopaholic. To be honest, I don’t have the money to partake in such an expensive indulgence. But for the love of beautiful things, and appreciating what is quite obviously awesome, let’s both gawk at my latest findings.

I want these shirts to become people so I can take them to Vegas and marry them. L: Animal print long sleeve R: White lapel beard print

I want these shirts to become people so I can take them to Vegas and marry them ;)  L: Animal print long sleeve  Sold On  R: White lapel beard print Sold On



There’s something about paintings that look like someone amazing just decided to doodle on his canvas, then there’s something about having those on t-shirts. That something is why I love this. Found On


02_AntonioMarras_pe2015 resort

How can I explain this? Then there’s a whole collection behind it. See for yourself



Jeffery Campbell forever and again. Sold On



Never seen a bag like this. Found On


Nsibidi tee by caven etomi

Maybe it’s because i’m a tee shirt lover, but these two from Kingdom are mad cool


Coriumi Ipad case

I’d buy this, then save up for an iPad. Call me love struck. Found On

Schutz Gold flat sandals

God bless fabulous flats. With love, Schutz


Black. Beautiful. Celine.


When a fruit is not just a fruit. You’ll find it as an accessory on Jacmel & Co

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